About Us

Hi! Welcome to Kaos Farm Minature Goldendoodles!

We are located in North Carolina on 65 beautiful acres with a one-acre pond, which the dogs LOVE!

We are a mother-daughter(s) trio, and breeding gorgeous, healthy, goldendoodles with great temperaments is a passion of ours. We began this journey back in 2003 after five years of breeding golden retrievers.

Our vet suggested we look into miniature goldendoodles, and we have never looked back! When you combine the laid-back, easy-going, willing-to-please, loves-everybody golden retriever to the happy, super-intelligent, extremely loyal, hypoallergenic and nonshedding poodle, you get the best of both worlds!

Both golden retrievers and poodles were originally bred as water dogs, and goldendoodles love the water just as much as their ancestors did. Our miniature goldendoodles love to play fetch, run, hike, swim, or curl up to watch T.V.

We have a large family with many friends visiting often, so our puppies receive lots of attention. We also have a variety of animals including horses, llamas, pot-bellied pigs, and a pet cow.

All of our dogs love running on the farm and swimming in our pond.