Upcoming and Current Litters

At Kaos Farm Minature Goldendoodles, we breed for all three characteristics: temperament, health, and looks. We don't compromise one over the other, but carefully select our parent dogs so the puppy you get is gorgeous and healthy.

All our puppies are spoken for.

We are taking applications and deposits on puppies coming Fall 2021 and beyond. All puppies before that are reserved with earlier deposits. 


Jazzy and Bob's Litter

Jazzy and Bob have 5 sweet puppies!

Named after NBA players

3 Girls

Pink - Jordan

Purple - Barkley

Teal - Malone

2 Boys

Blue - James

Red - Bryant

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Tally and Chester's Litter

Tally and Chester have 5 lovlely puppies!

3 Girls

Pink - Lauren

Purple - Marjorie

Yellow - Sydney

2 Boys

Blue - Ron

Green - Mark

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Abby and Bob's Litter

Abby and Bob have 6 lovely puppies! 

Named after the show "The Chosen"

1 Girl

Purple - Eden

5 Boys

Red - Simon

Blue - Andrew

Yellow - Matthew

Orange - Thomas

Green - Phillip

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Harper and Bob's Litter

Harper and Bob have 5 Adorable Puppies!

Named after the movie "Grease"

2 Girls

Pink - Sandy

Teal - Rizzo

3 Boys

Green - Danny

Blue - Kenickie

Orange - Eugene

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Julie and Cole's Litter

Julie and Cole have 5 beautiful puppies!

Named after some favorite flower and plants.

4 Girls

Pink - Rose

Purple - Lillie

Teal - Sunny

Lime - Olive

1 Boy

Blue - Basil

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