Upcoming and Current Litters

At Kaos Farm Minature Goldendoodles, we breed for all three characteristics: temperament, health, and looks. We don't compromise one over the other, but carefully select our parent dogs so the puppy you get is gorgeous and healthy.

All our puppies are spoken for.

We are taking applications and deposits on puppies coming late Fall/ Winter 2020/21 , Spring 2021, Summer2021 and Fall 2021


Olive and Thomas's Litter

Olive and Thomas have 4  lovely puppies! Born 7/6/20 ready for their forever families 8/28/20

Named after the TV show "Monk".

*Olive's puppies are spoken for*

3 Girls

Pink - Trudy

Purple - Natalie

Teal - Sharona

1 Boy

Blue - Monk

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Jazzy and Bob's Litter

Jazzy and Bob have 5 Beautiful puppies! Born 7/14/20 they are ready for their forever family's 9/5/20.

*All Jazzy's puppies are spoken for*

Named after the TV show "The Office"

2 Girls

Pink - Pam

Purple - Angela

3 Boys

Blue - Jim

Green - Micheal

Orange - Dwight

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Clarice and Thomas's Litter

Clarice and Thomas have 2 Gorgeous Puppies! Born July 17th they are ready for thier forever homes September 11th.

* All Clarice's puppies are spoken for*

4 Girls





2 Boys



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Sylvia and Thomas's Litter

Sylvia and Thomas have 3 adorable Puppies! Born 7/18/20 ready for their forever homes 9/12/20.

* All Sylvia's puppies are spoken for*

1 Girl

2 Boys

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Phoebe and Thomas's Litter

Phoebe and Thomas have 4 lovely puppies, Born June 25th, they are ready for there forever family's August 21st.

*All Phoebe's puppies are spoken for*

Theese puppies are named after the acters for the show "I Love Lucy"

2 Girls 

Pink - Lucille

Purple - Vivian

2 Boys

Blue - Desi 

Green - William

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