Upcoming and Current Litters

At Kaos Farm Minature Goldendoodles, we breed for all three characteristics: temperament, health, and looks. We don't compromise one over the other, but carefully select our parent dogs so the puppy you get is gorgeous and healthy.

All our puppies are spoken for.

We are taking applications and deposits on puppies coming  Summer2021 and beyond. All puppies before that are reserved with earlier deposits. 


Tally and Ron's Litter

Tally and Ron have 6 beautiful puppies!

Named after the kids show Elena of Avalor

4 Girls 

Dk. Pink - Elena

Lt. Pink - Isabel

Dk. Purple - Luisa

Lt. Purple - Naomi

2 Boys

Blue - Skylar

Green - Francisco

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Bree and Bob's Litter

Bree and Bob had 10 beautiful puppies.

Named after the T.V. show "Lost".

4 Girls

Dark Pink - Claire 

Light Pink - Sun

Purple - Kate

Teal - Juliet

6 Boys

Blue - Jack

Brown - Sawyer

Orange - Hurley

Green - Jin

Yellow - Charlie

Lime - Boone

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Skylar and Knox's Litter

Skylar and Knox had 9 lovely puppies!

3 Girls

Pink - Rosa

Purple - Gina

Teal - Santiago

6 Boys

Blue - Peralta

Red - Holt

Green - Hitchcock

Brown - Scully

Orange - Boyle

Yellow - Terry

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Harper and Bob's Litter

Harper and Bob had 6 adorable puppies!

4 Girls 

Pink - Holly

Purple- Merry

Teal - Noel

Yellow - Joy

2 Boys

Red - Kringle

Green - Kris

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Georgia and Ron's Litter

Georgia and Ron have 1 precious baby girl, Miss Savannah was born November 11th. 

Savannah is Sopken for....

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Lindi and Teddy 's Litter

Lindi and Teddy have 6 adorable puppies

Named after the popular tv show "The Originals"

2 Girls

Pink - Rebekah

Purple - Hayley

4 Boys

Red - Klaus

Green - Elijah

Orange - Marcel

Teal - Kol

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